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What would an income loss mean to you? Disability Insurance is especially important if your family relies on you as its main source of income. If you’re injured or ill and unable to work for a long period of time, disability insurance provides a steady monthly income.  

  • Covers a serious illness or accident
  • Disability Insurance can cover partial disability or temporary disability
  • Can help pay your mortgage/rent, car payment and other daily expenses
  • Can take your coverage with you if you change jobs

Steuben Financial Services, Inc., an insurance agency, is a wholly owned consolidated subsidiary of Steuben Trust Company.

Insurance policies are obligations of the insurers that issue the policies. Steuben Financial Services, Inc. is licensed to sell insurance in New York State and acts as agent for the issuing insurers.

Not insured by FDIC or any other Federal Government Agency and are not deposits, or guaranteed by the bank or any of its affiliates and are subject to investment risk including loss of principal and may go down in value.

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