Remote Deposit
Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit


    Deposit checks directly from the office using our secure, electronic scanner system. Remote deposit is easy to use, and easy to set up. Plus, we offer reliable equipment and service.

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    There's no more need for a trip across town during your workdays, just to beat the banking hour clock. Now you can spend a little more time on your terms, whether that's a longer lunch, a more productive pace, or a head start home.

    • Deposit checks electronically into your business accounts
    • Save an unnecessary trip to a branch
    • Consolidate checks from multiple locations
    • Set up customizable access levels for employees
    • No check deposit slips necessary
    • Secure, easy-to-use technology
    • Reliable scanning equipment
    • Available for one low, flat monthly remote capture fee

    Remote deposit capture requires additional agreements and approval by Steuben Trust Company.